G4 Custom-Hummingbird Heartbeat

Here she is, complete! Enjoy!

All images (C) 2017 Enchanting Customs. My Little Pony is (C) Hasbro, Inc.






Customs in the Works!

I’ve got some new customs on the way…they just need manes and tails!

First is an ice cream pony (no real name yet)…she used to be a G1 Peppermint Crunch that had all kinds of mold and cancer…she’s going to have a bright and colorful makeover! 🙂

The second pony is Hummingbird Heartbeat. She likes to watch hummingbirds sip nectar from the flowers in her garden during the summer. She used to be a G4 Rarity.

Also: Yes, that is a Katy Perry song. No, I am not going to change her name. Deal with it.

These ponies were fully repainted by hand with acrylics and are sealed with DuraClear sealant.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! 🙂

Thrift Store Finds!

I found these gems at my local thrift store. 🙂

First up is Breyer Model #627A, Shire A (Dapple Grey with Red Ribbon) for just $5!! He has rubs here and there but overall he cleaned up nicely. Why anyone would give away a Breyer is beyond me, but he’s got a good home here and he’ll be a great addition to my small childhood herd.



The other find is the 2002 Cotton Candy Cafe, which cleaned up nicely. It’s missing the accessories and the Specials Menu attachment, but it’s a great addition to my MLP playsets.


Thanks for looking! 🙂

Moongaze the Jaguar-Custom LPS

She’s not a My Little Pony, but she’s a custom! Presenting my first LPS custom, Moongaze the Jaguar…


Custom Specs:

Original LPS: Tabitha Tabby.

Modifications: Full repaint with acrylics, sealed with Mod Podge.

About the Species: Moongaze is a jaguar. Jaguars are the third largest big cats in the world, with larger rosettes (spots) than the leopard. They are solitary creatures, reuniting only to mate; the female raises her offspring on her own. They are also elusive, evading human contact. Their range used to extend from North America to South America, and only a few sightings have been made of wild jaguars in Arizona and parts of Texas in the U.S. in the past decade.They are on the endangered species list, and are considered threatened due to loss of habitat, poaching for their fur or hunting due to loss of livestock.

Bio: Moongaze is from Los Angeles. She’s a big city cat with an eye for adventure, fantasy novels, coffeeshops, bookstores, libraries and parks. She likes birdwatching and wakes up early every morning just to see new species.The flower in her fur is the Los Angeles city flower, a bird-of-paradise.

All images, story and custom design (C) 2016-2017 Enchanting Customs

Littlest Pet Shop is (C) 2017 Hasbro, Inc.

A Photocomic-Rarity’s Salon


“Thanks for helping me tame my mane, Rarity,” Cherry Berry smiled.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all, darling!” Rarity replied. “Anypony in need of a makeover can drop by any time!”


“Hi Rarity,” Lyra Heartstrings blurted out, in a rush to the salon.

“Lyra, dear, why are you running? You know the wet floor can cause you to slip!” Rarity admonished her friend.

“Rarity, can I ask you a favor?”Lyra ignored Rarity’s concern.

“What’s that?”


“OH MY!” Rarity gasped as an enormous Princess Cadence, Snuzzle and newcomer galloped into her salon, right on Lyra’s hooves.

“The horror! THE HORROR!” Cherry Berry cried out, fainting in her chair.


“Looks like we are in desperate need of a soak! Let’s get the spa going, and we’ll get you less muddy and grimy. Ugh! What have you all been rolling in?!” Rarity prattled on as she led the dirty ponies to the spa.


Everypony took the chance to soak with the new ponies. “I’m feeling a lot better, thank you, Rarity,” the giant Princess Cadence said.

“How in Equestria did you get so huge?!” Rarity wondered.

“Baby Flurryheart’s spells have been going crazy again…she teleported Snuzzle from Ponyland and this other pony from an enchanted meadow!” Princess Cadence explained.

“Ohhh,” the others exclaimed in understanding.

“Well, being dirty simply won’t do for someone of your caliber!” Rarity declared.


“Here. Use this enormous brush I happened to find and get that grime out of your coats! I’ll be right back!”


In the meantime, Rarity put conditioner in Cherry Berry’s and Lyra’s manes and tails.”This special formula removes all of your tangles and gives you that sleek look you’ve always wanted!” Rarity gushed as she prepped their hair.



“Wow, we feel so much better!” the ponies sighed, content with Rarity’s treatment.

Princess Cadence wasn’t happy with her mane and tail. “What about me?”


“Oh, don’t worry Princess, you’re getting the absolute best! It’s my newest secret hair conditioner! Just a moment!” Rarity reassured her.


It was a long time before Rarity reappeared from the spa. “Everypony, I’d like to introduce…”


“…the fabulous Princess Cadence!” Rarity concluded.

“Ooooh,” everypony smiled.

“You look lovely, darling,” Rarity agreed.

“Thank you so much, Rarity. You really do represent the Element of Generosity.”

“Speaking of which, I heard Twilight needs our help at the Golden Oak library! Let’s head over!” Rarity suggested.


The ponies visited Twilight and her friends at the Library, ready for their next adventure thanks to Rarity’s Salon!